Amelia Miholca's Art


Amelia Miholca was the featured artist on July 7 during the International ArtWalk. You can view her paintings at Carstens Fine Art until August 1, 2016. Amelia is a Romanian born artist based in Phoenix who received her BFA and MA degrees from Arizona State University and is about to begin her PhD studies in Art History.

Amelia's Artist Statement:
Memory and selfhood are both personal and universal. My paintings of partially disguised female figures wearing dresses set in abstract environments express the concept of fractured memory and its role in the development of personal identity. Like the way clothes cover our bodies, the self is psychologically veiled, layer after layer, and memory itself resides among these layers, unbeknownst to us whether it is real or fabricated.

The clothing motif is linked to my own childhood in Romania where I made clothes for my dolls, rummaged through my mother’s closet, and observed the women in my family create their own clothes and home décor. Clothes, thus, are not merely material things but a gateway to my childhood, or rather my remembering of my childhood, which will always be partially inaccessible.