Cyndy's Artistic Influences


Two of Cyndy's influences, which are evident in her paintings and drawings , are the Hudson River School and Henri Matisse. 

There are three artists of the Hudson River School, in particular, whom are among Cyndy's favorite artists. The first is Thomas Cole. His landscapes (seen below) have inspired Cyndy to explore the possibilities of how light can be represented in a painting and how light impacts a landscape's interpretation and overall mood.


The second artist is Thomas Doughty. His masterful embodiment of calm and peace that he conveyed in his landscapes is something that Cyndy strives to do in her own landscapes. 

Thomas_Doughty_Ruins_in_a_Landscape.jpgThe third artist, who was active in the Hudson River School, is Asher Durand. Like Thomas Cole's use of light to create an atmosphere of mystery and wonderment, Asher rendering of light in his verdant landscapes is incredible.

asher_durand.jpgRather contrary to the Hudson River School artists, Cyndy finds Henri Matisse and his  ability to simplify characters, landscapes, and objects to their basic essence magical. His use of simplified color palette is outstanding. 


-written by Amelia Miholca, Carstens Gallery Curator