Late to the Party (Again?!)

Well, I am late to the party once again. It is September 1st. August was Artist Appreciation Month and I missed it. So pardon me for my tardiness.

A new friend Marietta Gregg who represents the art of Patience Brewster had asked me to write a blog about the artists who have inspired me and my work in celebration of Artist Appreciation Month. Regardless of the date, I thought I would write a bit in honor of those artists who have and continue to inspire not only my artistic work but also my work ethic.

I admit almost all art I see is inspiring. Even the pieces I am not terribly fond of are interesting and allow me to turn my thinking to a different mode. I love work that challenges my current ideas without offending me at the same time.

My current body of work is often compared to the Romantic Landscape Painters of the mid-1800's, especially JM Wm Turner and John Constable - both English. I favor the art of Thomas Cole, often referred to as the father of the Hudson River School. Ironically, Cole is also English born but immigrated to New York when he was a child.

I am intrigued by the stunning beauty in the light of these masters.

There are many more artists whose work is not anything like my own but I find absolutely stunning. The original Impressionists, particularly Renoir, Berthe Morisot and Monet, have a special place in my heart. Contemporary artist Mary Franks of New York is one of my very favorite artists. Her work is particularly thought provoking. 

Thank you to artists everywhere who continue to make the art that fulfills their souls.