Painting Series - Pushing Back the Dark


Pushing Back the Dark #3
Oil - 10x10" Framed to 16x16"
Copyright by Artist, Cyndy Carstens

This is the 3rd is a continuing series of works.
Below is the prose I wrote to go with them.
There are indeed always choices and hope . . . 
if we are willing to open our eyes to see and our hearts to listen.

The light awakens
to ever-so-slowly push the darkness of night
making way for the promise of a new day.

The light within our own hearts
jostles with the dark.

Watch and listen . . . the light brightens our days
The light lifts the dark from those we love . . .
can you hear the dawn?
Can you see the hope in front of me?

Watch as this series develops.

Have a wonderful day!