Progress of New Painting

I am currently working on a commissioned painting of a sunset landscape that is 40 x 30 inches.   
This is the documentation of the progress that I've made so far, using oil on canvas, from Day One to Day Three.



I first lightly sketched all the components of the painting's composition and then began painting the upper portion of the sky with loose, short brushstrokes to evoke movement.




Day_2_copy.jpg I layered tones of greens and yellows to add more depth to the sky; and I made the blues in the upper corners and the violets below less intense so as to be in harmony with all the colors and not overpower the rest of the composition. 



The entire painting is coming together now! To convey more drama through contrast, I included dark streaks of red interspersed with bright yellows at the bottom of the composition, which I painted with controlled, longer brushstrokes. This change in brushwork creates variation between the larger upper half and the smaller lower half that pulls the viewer's eye in for a contemplative look, as opposed to applying the same technique to the entire painting.