Progress of New Painting, Part 2


Day_4_copy.jpgI added several layers to the painting since Day Three. In the middle right region, horizontal strokes of yellows and purples counterbalance the larger expressive strokes, of the same colors, moving diagonally towards the sky's upper right region. As you may notice in the image, these strokes are built up with thick paint in order to emphasize motion and to build texture, which accentuates the painting's complexity.


Day_5_copy.jpgI made several alterations in the 6 1/2 hours of painting since Day Four, resulting in subtle differences that create a more overall harmonious quality. For example, I painted over the dark red in the upper right area of the sky because the color clashed too much with the light blue. Some of the yellows throughout the composition have also been removed. Lastly, I lightened and minimized the composition's bottom portion, with its deep reds and shining golds, to integrate it better with the pastel colors in the rest of the painting.