Progress of New Painting, Part 3


Wednesday_copy.jpg The biggest change from Day Five is the removal of the large swoosh moving diagonally across the upper half of the canvas. It was too domineering for the entire composition and distracted the eyes from the rest of the painting; hence, I modified it, leaving only a few streaks in its place.


Thursday_copy.jpg I brought down the purple cloud, with its white highlight, into the diagonal streaks, in order to build spatial depth through layering. However, it still requires more work to get the two parts integrated harmoniously. 


Final_3_copy.jpg The painting is complete! After days of repainting certain elements, I think the painting, titled "Caressing Grace," has reached the point where I am content with the final result. From the previous day, I removed the white highlight at the top, making it easier to blend the purple cloud in with the pink and yellow streaks. The result is a balanced composition of cool and warm colors expressing the sky's brilliant light.