Pushing Back the Dark


I had not realized it has been so long since I posting here. My New Year's resolution had something to do with aiming to be more consistent to posting here and on FB. So much for resolutions!

Actually, life has been difficult these past few months, so I promise not to beat myself up.

Of course this blog's primary purpose has been to work out some design issues occasionally and share some of my newest work before it goes "public" at the galleries.
However, my work is so closely tied to my thoughts, moods, life challenges and small victories, I find it hard to separate the two.

For many of you who have known me for a while, you might remember my saying that being a 24/7 care-giver for my Mom was one of the most difficult jobs I have ever experienced. The rewards do/have far out-weighed the distress - but not necessarily at the same time. I would not have changed those 4 years I was blessed to spend with my Mom. She and the work taught me much about myself, who I am and who I want to be.

As heart-wrenching as those years may have been, having a seriously ill child feels worse.
I can only describe it as feeling "broken".
My heart aches for every parent who must figure out a way to be supportive,
encouraging - even joyful - to/for their child.
My heart aches for every parent who just wants everything to be okay.
My heart aches for every parent who feels helpless and sometimes just a bit "ticked off!".
My heart aches for every parent who travel this journey.
It matters not how young or old your children are - they remain of your flesh and heart
regardless of age.

This new series "Pushing Back the Dark", may not appear on the surface to be so different from my previous skyscape work. But delve in more closely - the darks are deeper and the light shines even more brilliantly than before.

Tragedy and arduous struggles will not defeat the light in my heart, even though the dark knocks at its door everyday. I am placing my trust in God "who gives and takes away". His light will be my light.
I am determined the work will quietly glow brighter than before - even amidst some tears!

I am reminded of something I heard as a child . . .Life is not so much about finally getting there - Life is about the journey.

May each of your journeys be blessed!