What About All the Rest of My Art?

Sensibilty - Oil on Canvas

In the art world, consistency in work (a recognizable style) is expected and is extremely important. 

Experimentation, however, is invaluable for the artist to grow and keep work from becoming stale.
Stretching beyond my own comfort zone also means making some bad art and/or laughing through happy (and disastrous) mistakes.

Occasionally, one of these experiments turns out to be a great painting. But that does not mean it immediately hits my website or hangs in the gallery. A painting that does not follow the reputation I have so painstakingly built only confuses collectors and the general public. I often hear comments when visiting some art festivals concerning certain artists - "That artist is all over the place!"

Collectors, and everyone for that matter, want to know the art I make is not a one time shot - that my style is recognizable - familiar - and I can be counted on to produce that "look" over and over again.

I actually do have two (or more) completely different bodies of work. Before I learned this indispensable knowledge, you may have seen some of it. But for now, the color of light in wide-open spaces is what I want to share with the desire these works of art will inspire the attributes of peace, joy, humility and awe.