What are you most afraid of?


Fear is unfortunately part of the creative process for artists. We are afraid of failure (as mentioned in our last blog post), and also of showing our vulnerability to the world through our art, which is often very personal. Although artists spend a large part of their time in the studio alone working on their art, we want to share our work with others because an important reason for creating art is the ability to connect with people and offer them a new perspective of the world through the painted form.

But putting yourself and your work out there can be a scary thing to do, for what if others don’t like what you spent months on end creating? What if they don’t understand it or don’t see your vision realized on canvas?

Artists are not the only ones who deal with fear. Each of us encounters fear in our daily lives. Fear manifests itself in anxiety over an uncertain future, in current news events, and in being socially isolated whether due to technology, economic instability, or political unrest. Of course each of us have private, personal fears that are different depending on your age, gender, ethnicity, location, etc.

But whatever your fear may be—and it is good to acknowledge it—it is important to not let fear rule you. Fear only has power over us if we give it power.