In Awe & Reverence


​The serene beauty of the Grand Canyon is at once perceptible and intangible.Much the way the heavens grasp my soul, the vastness and romanticism of the Canyon clutches at my heart.

I have steered away from painting the Canyon because I feared not being able to capture on canvas the emotions that well up in me as I stand at its edge. Fear is often the instigator of some of my best work, hence, “Awe & Reverence” came to be.

Typically, landscape is secondary to aerial phenomena in my work. However, the Canyon implores a similar sense of majesty and wonder in the play of light as the skies. Studying the light in the Canyon as it bounces and dances across stone formations is comparable to the illumination of atmosphere.
​Painted with the same intensity of color, the Grand Canyon is yet subtlety

The Canyon is painted with the same intensity and subtlety of color generally recognized in my work – raw romantic emotion grounded by practical interpretation.


Oil on Canvas


48 x 72" Diptych