Artist Statement

        Studying art most of my life has allowed me the privilege of garnering my own conclusions 
        about art, personages, and metaphysics:
        We are what we believe.
        We are what we consistently think about.
        We are a reflection of our environments—created inside and out.
        We are not at the mercy of fate—the choices we make, whether conscious or subconscious, control our happiness, our health, and our relationships.
        My art-making is about these choices.

        Symmetrical compositions frame the landscape into a timeless moment, constructing the landscape as I desire it, and interpreting reality as β€œis” and imagined—layer upon layer,    image over image. The paintings are not realistic, nor impressionistic or abstract, but a combination that invites the viewers to explore nature while reflecting on our transient existence and place within the larger scope of earth, the universe, and beyond.