Art Installation Highlights and My Community

As a Scottsdale gallery owner and fine artist, Cyndy Carstens cherishes her community and collectors. Cyndy passionately believes that art forms a personal connection between the collector and artist, connecting the heart and soul of both.

Cyndy’s Relationship With Her Community

Cyndy has a special relationship with her community, both with other artists and with her own collectors. As a Scottsdale gallery owner, Cyndy doesn’t believe in seeing other galleries as competition, she believes in supporting other galleries and artists instead. This is evident in the welcoming space that her gallery occupies and that she radiates to all others that she visits.

Within her own group of collectors who purchase her work, Cyndy holds a special relationship. Cyndy fosters a connection with her clients from the very beginning and spends time developing those connections as time goes on. Whether she’s remembering anecdotes about them to put in a note when they purchase a piece from her or greeting an out-of-town visitor to her gallery, Cyndy is always focused on fostering a personal connection with her community.

Cyndy’s Collectors and Their Art Installations

Here are a few of the collectors that feature Cyndy’s work in their homes and what they have to say about her and her work:

Cyndy is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Her love of life and her craft simply radiates and brings true joy to those around her. Cyndy’s work inspires me daily. Her art shows the beauty and majesty of this life. I am honored to display her art proudly!

Amanda & John K.

Fishers, IN


My wife and I had been looking for a large work of art for our dining room for some time. Fortunately, she and I have very similar taste in art. While on vacation in Scottsdale last year we saw the ad for Cyndy’s studio in a Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce ad booklet. Her use of color in capturing nature themes is spectacular; we instantly knew that we had to check out Cyndy’s studio. When we met Cyndy, saw her work and discussed the way she liked to work, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, and we commissioned her to create an artwork for us. Cyndy was so pleasant to work with, interpreting our goals, showing us progress photos weekly, and being very responsive to our feedback. We are thrilled with the finished product and have warm feelings every time we see the painting on our wall. We were truly blessed to have discovered Cyndy and her work.

Kellen & Maryellen L.

Reston, VA


The best art draws you in. It makes you want to look again and again. Sometimes it makes you smile, and other times causes you to pause. “Twilights Prayers” by Cyndy Carstens does both. It’s soulful and I notice it every time I walk in the room.

Nikki & David N.

Scottsdale, AZ


View the images of these featured Cyndy Carstens artwork pieces in their collectors’ homes here.

As a Scottsdale gallery owner and fine artist, Cyndy Carstens cherishes the members of her community and her collectors, both potential, new, and returning. For more information, contact Cyndy Carstens today.