Turning Heartbreak Into Hope: Cyndy’s Artistic Philosophy

Cyndy often says that so much of what she loves about being a painter is that she gets to connect with people on an extremely personal and visceral level through her artwork. A conversation about art cuts through the small talk and often inspires memorable discussions and personal relationships.

So much of this is because Cyndy’s paintings tell a story. She pours her heart and soul into each one, sharing her hope and joy through an expression of beauty and a reminder of heaven’s loving care.

Inspiration Born of Grief

Many conversations center around intensely personal experiences with grief and heartache, perhaps because Cyndy’s technique was developed as a direct influence of grief and frustration with God.

One evening, after a long day of caretaking for her chronically ill mother, Cyndy found herself casting her eyes heavenward in anger, ready to give up, to say she simply couldn’t handle it anymore. Her anger was stymied by the most beautiful sky she’d ever seen. In the days that followed, Cyndy found herself meditating on that sky. “If I can paint that sky,” she thought, “it will make me better, kinder, more hopeful, and more giving.”

Technique Developed and Refined Over Time

Although Cyndy had a long career in art and design and a history of landscapes, it wasn’t easy to take on the task of painting the sky. Her early compositions were a study in trial and error. Today, she is famous for her skyscapes, and her numerous series depicting dramatic clouds and sunsets have earned her the title of “Sky Painter.” To Cyndy, her ability to portray the wonder, beauty, and hope that she sees in the sky is her mother’s gift back to her.

Through subsequent trials and an enduring love for her family, Cyndy’s style has evolved to embody even more drama and color, a constant reminder of God’s loving care that overarches every person, every day. Cyndy claims that her paintings come from a broken heart. But she chooses to be hopeful and happy and shares that with her customers and the world: heartbreak transformed into hope.

My paintings are the music in my head;

the light in my soul; and the passion of my heart.

A sincere and genuine desire to express

the radiance of God’s spirit in the play of light.

–C. Carstens

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