Highlighting the Beauty of the Southwest Through Art

The Southwest is a place unlike any other, and it has inspired countless artists with its breathtaking sunsets and landscapes. Cyndy Carstens is no exception, as the nature of the Southwest deeply inspires her artwork and infamous skyscapes.

What Makes Southwest Landscapes Unique?

There are many aspects of the Southwest that make it unique, but one in particular is always front and center. Arizona’s sunsets are a thing of wonder. Unlike sunsets in other places around the world, Southwest sunsets are different — not just visually, but scientifically too.

Southwest desert sunsets have a vibrant hue that is created by a combination of the lack of moisture in the dry desert air, the increased air particulates of dust, and the composition of cloud formations. These three factors together, which are unique to our landscape, create the vibrant golden red sunsets we see in the Southwest.

The Southwest landscape also is unique in its other features. The Southwest is infamous for its plethora of cactus, particularly the saguaro. These desert plants are incredibly majestic in size and feature, and many can live for well over 100 years. There are also only certain animals that can survive the harsh desert climate, making the Southwest indeed a unique place to call home.

Southwest Stories and Inspiration for Art

The Southwest’s diverse climate and habitat also makes the art that it inspires unique. Cyndy first moved to Arizona in 1988, and it wasn’t until after a few years of painting skyscapes that she researched the science that makes Arizona’s sunsets so brilliant. This knowledge only contributed to the great detail and brilliance of her desert paintings.

Cyndy also strongly believes that paintings and art tell a story. Just like the cacti that each have a different number of arms, or live for over 100 years, the plants that bloom across the desert floor of the Southwest all contribute to its unique individuality. This aspect of storytelling is what brings our desert to life, and Cyndy aims to convey that story and meaning to her collectors through her art.

Even if some of her collectors aren’t Arizona residents, everyone is captivated by the beauty of the Southwest. Cyndy’s landscape and skyscape paintings give her collectors a chance to bring home a piece of Arizona’s beauty. Through the connection that Cyndy has with the desert as an artist and resident, they can feel and enjoy the desert’s beauty from their own home, bringing a cherished piece of it with them.

Cyndy Carstens is a Scottsdale based artist who creates paintings that feature the beautiful Southwest skyscapes and landscapes. For more information about Cyndy and her art, contact her today.