Life Lessons Learned From Being an Artist

Being an artist is a beautiful thing, and there are many life lessons to be learned from it. Cyndy’s personal journey as an artist has taught her a lot and she loves sharing her wisdom with her community and fellow artists. Here are some of the life lessons that Cyndy has learned from her journey as an artist.

Follow Your Passion Despite Doubts

When one is choosing a career in art, there are many who will undoubtedly be concerned for the future success of that person. Pursuing an art career can be incredibly difficult to make a living from, and many friends, family members, acquaintances, and strangers may express this to the artist. The artist may also express uncertainty themselves. Cyndy had no idea how art was going to be a part of her life professionally, but she knew that she wanted to pursue it from a young age. Self-doubt is probably one of the traits most artists share. It creeps into the mind of an artist regularly. Despite doubt, Cyndy decided to follow her passion and talent with determination.

Work Hard and Take Leaps of Faith

Hard work is one of the key aspects to a successful career as an artist. One of most memorable lessons Cyndy learned about hard work came from one of her college professors. As Cyndy told Shoutout Arizona, this professor once told her that “the difference between a successful artist and one who fails is not talent — it is determination.” As an artist, Cyndy has worked hard to make a name for herself and she takes great pride in this. “I believe a professional artist needs to make art everyday. Inspiration is just a word. If you make art each day, the work urges creativity.”

Taking a leap of faith is also a great life lesson that Cyndy has learned as an artist and as a business owner. When Cyndy saw an opportunity to open up a gallery space in Scottsdale, it was a leap of faith. Cyndy understood that despite the uncertainty, it was a once in a lifetime chance, and she took it. Cyndy ended up having her studio and gallery space in that original location for 11 years. In that time, she surrounded herself with an incredible community of people. As a result, her artwork and business flourished. Thanks to Cyndy’s determination, hard work, and that leap of faith, she was able to build a thriving and supportive community of collectors who championed her dream. No matter whether you’re an artist or not, Cyndy’s experiences can serve as inspiration in your own life to go after your dreams, no matter how big they may seem. All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other to keep moving forward.

Use Your Platform to Inspire and Help Others

Cyndy has always seen the importance of giving back to her community. Cyndy has collaborated with other artists, such as singer and song writer Julie Carrick, or renown professional harpist Jocelyn Obermeyer. She also uses her platform as an artist to help others who she does not know. Cyndy uses her platform to hold special events to help others, such as the Jam N’ June Food Drive. This event featured Cyndy’s art and gave her a chance to give back to those who need assistance. Through helping others, Cyndy has shown that our lives are made richer when we give back to our community.

Cyndy Carstens is a Scottsdale-based artist who creates artwork that captures the beauty of our world. From her infamous Southwest desert skyscapes to landscapes and nature, Cyndy’s artwork allows her collectors to hold in their hearts and homes a piece of the natural beauty that the world has to offer. To learn more about her art, contact her today.