Nature: Tranquility and Art Inspiration

As an artist, Cyndy Carstens has always loved nature, and she continually draws inspiration from her surroundings. From her time as a young artist living by the water to her current life in the beautiful Southwest, here are the ways that Cyndy’s upbringing in nature has influenced her artwork today.

A Lifetime Spent in Nature

Cyndy has lived in multiple locations throughout her life, each have which provided unique inspiration for her artistry. Growing up in Minnesota by the water served as an early artistic influence for her. The waves carry with them deep movement, power, and natural ebbs and flows, and she channeled the emotion into her works early on. As a teenager, she lived in Kansas with her family, where the rolling plains of the Midwest served as further inspiration for her art. It took some time for her to adjust to this different environment, but before long, the movement of the wind across the plains and wide open skies showed her the beauty of her new home. As an adult, Cyndy moved to Arizona, where she was mesmerized by the unique desert landscape and beautiful sunsets. The Southwest further provided inspiration for her artwork, which turned into her now infamous skyscapes, many of which highlight the beauty of the Southwest sky.

Finding Art Inspiration in Nature’s Lessons

Nature continually provides artistic and life inspiration for Cyndy, as she believes in the peace and tranquility that spending time in nature gives humans. She aims to bring this same energy  and emotion to her paintings for her collectors by continually studying different types of art and techniques that aid her in becoming a better landscape and skyscape painter. Much like a figure artist injects personality and life into a human portrait, skyscapes utilize the same artistic techniques to arouse emotion within the viewer.

Light is an important aspect of Cyndy’s paintings, and she hopes that by highlighting this feature, her collectors will too will see the light that surrounds them. Even if only for a moment, Cyndy’s art can help a collector find peaceful contentment or bring a smile to their face. In a world full of busyness, screens, and distraction, Cyndy believes that living in the light is the way to find peace and happiness. This awareness can further help her collectors understand that the world around us is beautiful and majestic, and we are but tiny specs in a grand universe.

Cyndy Carstens is a Scottsdale-based artist who creates artwork that is inspired by and captures the natural beauty of our world. From her infamous Southwest desert skyscapes to landscapes and nature, Cyndy’s artwork allows her collectors to hold in their hearts and homes a piece of the natural beauty that the world has to offer. To learn more about her art, contact her today.