Things to Consider When Purchasing a Painting

Choosing art to decorate your home or place of business is a major investment. It’s not only a financial investment, it’s often an emotional investment as well, as art truly touches the soul of both the artist and the collector.

With such a significant decision, what should one consider when purchasing a painting? What makes an art piece perfect for your needs? Here are a few tips to consider before you go perusing for your next art piece.

1. Personal Significance

Art is incredibly personal and Cyndy firmly believes that art draws a personal connection between the soul of the artist and the collector. Since the art piece will be in your personal space, it’s important that it has significance to you. If you’re choosing to put an art piece in your place of business, it’s important that the art be aesthetically pleasing and a good match for the environment.

2. Size

Size is an important aspect of purchasing an art painting, as you must know if it will fit in the intended space before purchasing. To do this, it’s best to know what the measurements of your wall space will be before you go browsing for art pieces. That being said, Cyndy passionately believes that when it comes to an impactful, personal, original art piece in which you’ve invested, the surrounding decor and setting should be dictated by the art piece, not the other way around. 

3. Price

This may seem like the most daunting aspect of purchasing art, as it can get incredibly expensive depending on the size and artist. However, that is part of the dynamic of art as an investment. Learn more about the artist’s history and their work’s value within the collector’s sphere, but remember that it’s ultimately the personal connection that is of the most value. Furthermore, there are ways to make pricing more feasible if you are on a tighter budget than the average collector. First off, there are artists that have options for price variability within their art offerings. This can be done by offering a range of sizes that are less in price but can also include options such as giclee prints.

4. The Artist

The artist is an important factor to consider when choosing artwork, because they are often what draws people to art in the first place. When you’re purchasing an artist’s work, you’re making an investment in them as a person. One great way to consider the artist you’re purchasing art from is to get to know them. Perhaps attend one of their events and talk to them in their gallery. Getting an intimate sense of who they are can help you develop that personal connection to their pieces.

5. Customizability

Some people walk into a gallery and are immediately in awe of the finished pieces on the walls. Others have a specific aesthetic or image they have in mind that is similar to the artist’s style, but they’d like a custom piece. Some artists do special order pieces, so knowing if this is an option for an artist whose work you like is a great way to find artists in your community who can help your (and their) vision come to life. This also adds a special aspect to your finished art piece, knowing that it is truly one of a kind and was a collaborative effort. Cyndy will work with you to create the perfect painting (called a commission).

6. Extras (framing, lighting, protection)

There are many important factors to consider before you purchase an art piece that determine how it will look in your space. These extra things to consider are framing considerations, such as what style and color of frame will fit the piece. Lighting and protection from the elements are also important considerations for the painting, as lighting highlights the finished work and damage protection keeps it pristine and vivid for decades to come. Cyndy uses only archival stretched canvases and professional grade oil paints to insure a painting will retain its viability for at least a 100 years.

Cyndy Carstens is a Scottsdale-based artist who creates artwork featuring Southwest desert skyscapes and nature. She can assist customers in not only finding the perfect art piece that speaks to them, but that it is financially feasible and fits their desired space perfectly. To learn more about her art, contact her today.