Why Invest in Art

Whether you’re new to the art world or your walls already hold your favorite pieces and you’re looking for something new, art is for everyone. It’s more than just something you put on your wall, you invest your heart and soul into it through personal connection, just like the fine artist does. Here are a few reasons why investing in art is something worthwhile that everyone should do.

You feel a personal connection to the art piece: Art is incredibly personal for both the artist and the collector. It not only decorates that perfect space on your otherwise empty wall, it communicates something about you. Cyndy’s art comes from her personal experiences, sharing with others a divine message of beauty and light. For those who feel the personal connection to her pieces, putting it in their home creates a bond that will last a lifetime.

Original art makes a strong impact: Original artwork holds a special place in the collector and artist’s heart. Not only did it take hours to create on the artist’s behalf, from the original idea to being framed on your wall, it is only one of its kind, which you now own to cherish. This often holds a stronger sentimental value to the collector, as it makes the piece unique to them. While prints often provide greater access for the masses to artwork by famous artists, they are not always of the highest quality possible. Cyndy Carstens provides giclee prints by custom order, which are museum-quality reproductions on canvas, maintaining the same standard of quality that her original artworks have. They are then embellished by Cyndy herself and applied with a varnish for further protection from the elements. No matter if you order an original piece or a specialized print from Cyndy, you’re investing in quality.

The gallery is warm and community based: Art galleries often carry high end pieces by exclusive or famous artists, driving up the competition. Often, these pieces are costly and inaccessible to those who may be looking to start investing in art. Cyndy offers a variety of pieces suitable to the budget of a new collector or a seasoned art collector. No matter their budget, she believes all who feel the call to invest in art should be able to access it. Cyndy also owns her own gallery where she shares her artworks, fostering a sense of community where everyone can invest in art they enjoy. To Cyndy, fellow artists and collectors are precious relationships to uphold. With each painting she sells, Cyndy sends a personal note to the collector, further fostering a personal connection through her artwork that will last a lifetime.

Cyndy Carstens is a Scottsdale based fine artist whose work focuses on landscapes and skyscapes. Her signature pieces were born from personal experiences she had regarding heartbreak, light, hope, and faith. For more information, contact Cyndy today.