Meet the Artist: Cyndy Carstens

Cyndy Carstens is able to capture natural and majestic beauty on canvas. Her artistic journey began when she was a young child. To keep her occupied while recovering from a serious illness, her parents bought her a small easel and paint. This hobby sparked something in her, and at the age of 6, she received a summer scholarship to the Art Institute of Minneapolis.

From there, her love and passion for art grew. She studied at multiple universities and schools of art. During her time as a student, Cyndy was able to experiment with a wide variety of mediums, from watercolor and mixed media to oil paints and graphite. Throughout her life, she has occupied a range of different positions, including art director, graphic illustrator, fine art painter, and gallery owner.

Capturing the Beauty of the Natural World

Cyndy’s art is full of radiance and her trademark is her skyscapes. For a long time, her focus was on painting the natural beauty of landscapes, but a personal heartache left her filled with exhaustion and despair. At one of her lowest moments, a sunset caught her attention. The sky’s beauty inspired her and kept her going through her hardships. She was filled with hope and turned her focus to being a better and more grateful person for her loved ones.

“I pray my decisions and persistence has made a positive impression on my children,” Carstens said in a 2020 ShoutOut Arizona interview. “I want them to know they can grow as big as their dreams.”

Cyndy’s use of color brings her art to life, creating movement. There is a vibrancy to her art that is powerful, but also soothing at times. It’s inspiring to look at and easy to get lost in.

Carstens Fine Art Studio & Gallery

Carstens Fine Art Studio & Gallery is where Cyndy is able to showcase her works. Her paintings are part of both private and corporate collections across the world. She also uses  her Scottsdale-based gallery to connect with the local community.

She serves as a Board Member of the Scottsdale Gallery Association of Old Town Arts District and is a Juried Member of Artists in Arizona and the Sonoran Arts League. She also is actively involved in Scottsdale’s weekly Art Walk event, allowing her a unique opportunity to connect with the local community, from seasoned art collectors to first time art enthusiasts.   

“My definition of success,” Carstens said to Voyage Phoenix in 2018, “is finding happiness in the work — looking forward to the adventures of each new day — being humble with gratitude — keeping my priorities in place – and being modest enough to seek the knowledge of others.”

If you’d like to learn more about Cyndy’s art, contact her today.