The Scottsdale Art Walk: A Cherished Tradition

The Scottsdale Art Walk is a beloved local event that draws art enthusiasts from all over the country. Cyndy Carstens is an active member of the art community as an artist, gallery owner and Scottsdale Gallery Association board member, so she regularly opens her studio to visitors on this weekly night of celebration. If you’re curious about what the excitement around the Scottsdale Art Walk is all about and the special place it holds in Cyndy’s heart, read on.

What Is the Scottsdale Art Walk?

The Scottsdale Art Walk is a free event located in Scottsdale’s Fine Arts District that features artist galleries and art related businesses from around the area. From handmade goods sold in local shops to large art pieces for sale in galleries, the event has something for everyone to enjoy.

Visit Cyndy Carsten’s Studio and Gallery at the Scottsdale Art Walk

Every Thursday night from 7-9 p.m. is special for Cyndy Carstens, as that’s when she opens her gallery to visitors of the Scottsdale Art Walk. Here they can peruse her collection and learn more about her artistic process, and she can get to know them personally, a heart and soul connection that she cherishes greatly. These events present a unique opportunity, as people who might not normally visit Scottsdale’s Fine Arts District can see what the local art world has to offer. They might walk away that night a collector of their first treasured art piece or might add a piece to their already prized and growing collection.

Cyndy has had her beloved collectors find her artwork during an Art Walk, such as Mark K., who said, “As art is personal in its creation, so is art personal in acquiring – art needs to connect, and speak to you. Cyndy’s art does just that. From the moment that I entered the gallery one Art Walk Thursday evening in Scottsdale, I was captivated by the sunlight captured in her many paintings…”

It’s connections like these that bring Cyndy so much meaning to her participation in this event.

What Does the Scottsdale Art Walk Mean To Cyndy?

Cyndy has been participating in the Art Walk for many years now, and there’s nothing more important to her than her community and the joy that she gets from and brings to them. The Scottsdale Art Walk enables Cyndy to not only spread her message of joy and hope despite life’s hardships that we all experience; it also allows her to connect with the community at large on a unique personal level.

For more information about Cyndy’s artwork, visit her online or stop by Carstens Fine Art Studio & Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale during the Art Walk or during the week. (Closed Wednesday and Sunday.)