Reasons To Collect Art

Many people all over the world are art collectors, and every one of those people was once a beginner on their journey to a love of art. Of course, all art collectors have different goals and motivations for their collections. For some, it’s strictly a financial investment. For others, it’s a matter of prestige. For some, it’s a way to remember places they’ve been and moments they’ve loved. For many collectors of Cyndy’s original art works, they have connected on a very personal and spiritual level with the beauty and message of her art. Here are a few reasons why everyone should understand the importance and value of collecting art.

Pass Heirlooms Down to Children

Art has incredible sentimental value. Over time, it may also increase in both sentimental value and financial value. This is why art pieces make great family heirlooms to pass down to children or grandchildren. While they may not have the same artistic taste as you or may need to be a bit older to appreciate such a gift, the sentimentality of these pieces make them great items for future enjoyment and display. If you are choosing to bequeath your art to your children or grandchildren, it’s best to ensure that it is well cared for the time being that it is not in your possession, so as to preserve the piece in its original form.

Bring Vibrancy Into Your Home

Collecting and displaying art is a great way to add emotion, color, and dimension to your home. Considering the time we spend in our homes and places of work, it’s important to surround yourself with joy and beauty. Art in a place of business can add personality to your walls while adding to the interior appeal of your offices for clients, visitors, and employees. Art in your home can help you to pause and reflect, and contribute to the overall tone of the room and the activities that you do within that space.

Express Your Interests or Personality

Choosing art is an incredibly personal choice. It expresses the collector’s personality and comes from the soul of the artist. Cyndy often describes one choosing a painting as recognizing a connection between the souls of the artist and the collector. Frequently a collector will choose an art piece because of the memories it rekindles.Art is often a reflection of one’s personality, interests, or beliefs, and can make a great conversation piece for visitors.

Appreciation for Beauty and Creativity

Creating art is a highly personal process that is full of creativity and beauty. It has also been shown that simply looking at and creating art can make you happier. Not only are you appreciating the talent and artist that made the work, but looking at it can lift your spirits, and those of everyone who enter your space.

Support Small Businesses and Local Talent

One of the most important aspects of choosing to purchase and collect art is that you are supporting a small business and local talent. There are many artists that are extremely talented, but must be sought out like treasure in order to discover. Choosing to support local artists and their galleries is an investment in your community that has a far reaching impact.

If you’re interested in collecting art, Cyndy Carstens has many pieces that may entice you. She predominately creates Southwest skyscapes as well as landscape and nature pieces that highlight the natural beauty of our world. To learn more about her art, contact her today.