How Access To Art Helps Communities

Art is widely celebrated around the world, but it’s not always accessible to everyone who wants to buy it. Art enriches our communities, and when people are able to access it, whether that’s through supporting artists, having accessibility to art spaces, and the availability of art financially, it makes a big impact. Here are some ways that art’s accessibility influences communities and how artists like Cyndy are working to improve art’s ability to reach and enrich communities.

Financial Accessibility

Many associate traditional art with those who are wealthy enough to purchase it. Some art is auctioned off privately for millions of dollars, increasing the perception around art that it is not only expensive, but unattainable to the masses. It’s true that unique, individual art pieces can be expensive in and of themselves. After all, each one represents a significant investment of time and talent. However, there are also many ways that regular people can choose to invest in personal, unique, high-quality art.

Financial access to art is incredibly important to Cyndy, she works hard to make her art accessible by providing a variety of sizes and prices on her artwork and by offering custom pieces for order. One story she has that poignantly exemplifies her mission to increase financial accessibility to art comes from a young collector. A nine-year-old girl wanted one of Cyndy’s paintings, so she saved up money to purchase one. This purchase meant so much to the little girl –and to Cyndy for the gesture– showing that you’re never too young to start collecting art, no matter the financial barrier.

Art Awareness

When private, independent artists don’t get awareness and support within their communities, more prominent and commercial artists crowd them out. Though we have famous artists to thank for paving the way, newer artists can’t break through without support in their communities. Likewise, when art enthusiasts don’t have awareness of the artists around them, they can’t dive into the wonderful world of opportunity that learning about and owning local art can give them.

As a gallery owner, Cyndy meets many people each day who all have different budgets and are looking for art pieces to own. Art awareness is the first step in finding the perfect art piece to fit your budget. One may desire to own art, but not have any knowledge about artists in their community or where to purchase art. One way that Cyndy promotes art awareness to the public is through the Scottsdale Art Walk, where she opens her studio and gallery every Thursday night to event patrons. Here, she can spread art awareness through interactions with art enthusiasts of all types, from a beginner to a seasoned collector.

Art Spaces

Art spaces are places where art exists for community benefit, such as museums, galleries, and studios. These spaces not only contribute to art awareness, they enrich the communities around them. When communities don’t have art and art spaces, they suffer more than those that do. Art spaces increase the attraction of tourists to an area, provide jobs for the community, and uplift the community atmosphere and unity.

Cyndy’s gallery itself is an important aspect of increasing accessibility to art spaces. Her gallery and studio is located in Scottsdale’s Fine Arts District, giving residents and visitors a beautiful centralized place to visit where art thrives and uplifts the community. These art spaces not only provide beautiful attractions to our state for residents and visitors, they also help the community learn about art from its local creators, like Cyndy.

Cyndy Carstens is an artist who aims to promote art accessibility for people of all ages. Contact Cyndy today to learn more about her work.